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Why Leadership Training is Essential for PMEs Today?

A company's success can be attributed to its team of strong leaders. Therefore, leadership training is essential for your organization.

What exactly is leadership development?

Leadership development refers to an organization’s efforts in upskilling employees’ leadership skills. Companies provide training for this purpose in a variety of formats, including video, audio, live speaking, meetings, online classes, and others (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). Leadership training must be for employees of all levels, and not only for the senior managers.

Importance of leadership development

Leadership training can bring benefits to your company in many aspects.

Enhance productivity

Effective leaders can enhance various types of productivity. Good leaders can better instruct their teams, assess problems, devise solutions, and manage challenges. Leadership abilities can help enable managers in anticipating problems, developing plans, and motivating their teams to achieve more.

Develop future leaders and reduce staff turnover

Investing in leaders through leadership development can support your organization’s HR strategy by identifying high potential staff for their further career advancements (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). By research, poor talent management is one main reason employees leave their current employment (Systemart LLC, 2021). Therefore, a good manager who has been professionally trained on leadership development will help reduce staff turnover rate.

Enhance risk management and assist with change management

Great leaders possess the abilities to manage risk and develop strategies and solutions that are invaluable to the future of the company (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). Moreover, leaders who are well equipped are in a better position to deal with market changes such as new competitions, workforce changes, and new regulations.

Excel in project management

Leaders with proper leadership skills can manage complexed aspects of a project more effectively. Well trained leaders can lead or support a project to stay on track. With capable project managers in charge, team morale will improve, and deadlines will be met.

Enhance company culture

When a company supports leadership training, it demonstrates that the company values the employees and supports them to succeed. Mentoring can also boost morale and make your company more appealing to work for (Fama Technologies, 2021). Hence, providing leadership training has become part of corporate culture of many successful organizations

Improve teamwork

Good leadership will result in a more robust teamwork, quicker decisions, and overall, a more united workforce.

Allow for team evaluations

Leadership training can reveal the type or style of leader a person is. Some styles allow more freedom while the others may tend to place a stronger emphasis on rules and governance. From the training, you may learn which leadership style is best for your team, thereby implementing actions more appropriately.

Help in vision alignment

Leaders or professionals often make decisions based on their personal judgements. Leadership training enables leaders to formulate decisions with alignment to the corporate vision, mission and values.

Develop Management skills and increase career advancement opportunities

There are always rooms for improvement. Leaders must learn how to develop new leadership skills, allowing them to be more creative and innovative when facing new challenges. As the manager’s leadership skills improves, there will be more career advancement opportunities for them.

Improve your communication abilities

Leadership training frequently includes opportunities for public speaking practice, such as group activities, group projects, and conference activities. Communication skills can help leaders better express themselves more convincingly to a wider audience.

Improve emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence entails more than just understanding emotions; it also aim at understanding what an employee wants to succeed in the organization. Some leadership training enable leaders to understand how emotions affect others, and how to lead with considerations.

Improve influence skills

Leaders frequently apply negotiation skills to motivate, teach, and persuade their teams and clients. Leaders can learn how to form, manage and develop a team more effectively to maximize team performance.

Who should enroll in leadership training?

All members of your company should receive leadership training for the reasons explained above.

Managing Director or Senior Executives

Leadership training for this group focuses more on talent and succession planning than about leadership principles.. Allowing senior leaders to receive leadership training will benefit your business when you desire to expand your business to the next levels.

Junior-to-Middle managers, professionals, and executives

Middle management teams require more leadership training in order to be better equipped to lead their teams more effectively. As a manager, you must understand your employees and possess the appropriate knowledge and skills to lead them (Oesch, 2018).

The Operations Team

As explained, leadership trainings are not confined to senior managers and middle management only. It is also important for all your staff to acquire the knowledge and skills as well. Your frontline staff may need good leadership skills to better manage the customers as well as their peers. The operation staff may need leadership skills for managing urgent projects and resources when needed; they can make decisions with delegated authorities where appropriate.

There are Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses on leadership development available for all levels. You can learn more about the courses here.


Leadership development is essential for current and future successful leaders of all levels. By providing them with leadership development training as soon as possible, they will support the organization achieving towards the corporate vision (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021).

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