In the new VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) economy, organizations face unprecedented challenges. To meet the challenges of a VUCA economy, organisations are increasing looking to develop the following : 


  • Short Term - Equipping managers as internal change agents

  • Middle Term - Fostering a change ready and innovative culture

  • Long Term - Evolving from a hierarchy approach in management towards a collaborative, outcome based management. 

ODC is pleased to introduce our suite of solutions designed to develop and strengthen organisational change readiness through the methodology of coaching which focuses on equipping managers to be Enterprise Coaches. The term Enterprise Coaches aims to represent our believe that Managers can play a more proactive role in shaping corporate culture and re-define the meaning of workplace conversations. 

To support the transformation, ODC is pleased to introduce our Integrated Coaching Services that provides Training, Technology and Expert support.  


Change Agents champion the adoption of new workplace processes, they help influence the workplace environment and behaviours, ODC believes Enterprise Coaches play the same role except they achieve the above through coaching techniques and technology support application that foster accountability and manage emotions 

What are Enterprise Coaches?

  • Enterprise Coaches are managers who are empowered, equipped & supported to guide their team towards developing new capabilities and fostering behaviour change.


Traits of successful Enterprise Coaches

  • Relationship Orientated

    • They understand and know how to connect, related and inspire positive actions to cultivate the potential of an individual. Enterprise coaches are aware that inspiration comes from within and to light the spark, they must have the right relationship with the individual. They achieve this by tapping on listening skills, applying strategic phrasing and showing genuine concern to transform the relationship and ready the connection. They care.

  • Accountability

    • Enterprise coaches are aware that accountability is the core of ownership, and goals are achieved most effectively when the team owns the outcome of the effort. Enterprise coaches promote ownership of tasks and goals, they know that what gets measured, improves. They celebrate success and value feedback. They measure.

  • Outcome Focused

    • Relationships dynamics can be complex. By keeping an eye on the goal and their ears to the ground, Enterprise coaches are aware that the real outcome of transformation is an organization that is resilient and adaptable through its people. They support this by ensuring development and encouraging reflection. They focus.

The function of Enterprise Coaches

  • They are deployed to provide executive coaching to align the team towards a company’s direction of transformation and change. Enterprise coaches are also equipped to coach specific individuals who are resistant to change.


ODC's Integrated Coaching Solutions supports organisation to increase their change readiness through the development of manager as Enterprise Coaches who are adapt to leverage our proprietary technology MasterCoach App and our 3D coaching model to drive change and foster accountability. Together with our workplace coaching support and executive coaches, ODC's Integrated Coaching Solutions supports the various coaching needed for change management.  



Our solutions in developing change readiness through coaching includes 3 services that aims to : 

  1. Transform managers into Enterprise Coaches 

  2. Support the transformation of teams led by Enterprise Coaches 

  3. Provide executive coaching to specific individual resisting change

Skills based, Government funded course designed to equip, assess and certify manager's ability to utilise coaching skills for people development.

Enterprise Coaching is the core essential coaching solution that provide coaching skills supported with coaching technology app. The course also provides post course, Workplace Coaching by ODC's team of Enterprise Coaches. 

Executive coaching designed high potential managers or high performing executives

Enterprise Coaching 


Workplace Coaching


Executive Coaching

WSQ - People Development

WSQ - People Development

A skillsfuture funded coaching programme that looks into applying coaching for context of people development to grow employees to prepare for the organisation's future needs. This programme is designed to equip leaders and managers within the organization with the skillsets to develop team leaders to perform effectively through identifying their team leaders’ skills requirements, facilitating their learning opportunities and coaching them for performance.


The programme focuses on three core competencies of leadership: 

  • Identify team leaders’ skill requirements

  • Facilitate learning opportunities of team leaders

  • Coach team leaders

To find out more of the course, click here

Enterprise Coaching Programme (ECP)

 ODC provides Enterprise Coaching Programme (ECP) through one and two day workshops. These intensive workshops are focused on developing the coaching mindset with the 3D Coaching Methodology, sharpening communication skills through practice and the tapping on the essential use of the Mastercoach smartphone app.

This app is instrumental to our approach in developing Enterprise Coaches and supporting their accountability. It allows for the coaches to remain connected their team as well through notifications and reminders.


Enterprise Coaching Programme (ECP) will guide managers to : 

  • Grasp the essential coaching skills
  • Set goals and develop plans for progress

  • Conduct performance conversations

  • Probe and question by observation

  • Deploy fundamental uses of the MasterCoach App

About the MasterCoach App : 

  •  Designed by the author of the programme to address workplace coaching challenges. 

  • Jumpstart the coaching conversation through guided process within the applications

  • Reduce coaching difficulties through guided questions and easy to use follow-up tools modelled after applications such as whatsapp. 

  • Cloud Storage of information, ensuring security and contiunuity. 

  • Availability of Enterprise Versions for dedicated server 


" Brilliant, convenient & portable!

MasterCoach will benefit every leader & coach. "

Lyn Eichmann

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coach Federation (ICF)

" MasterCoach will be the industry standard for technology that builds trust and rapport between people."

Dr. Joseph Umidi
Executive Vice President, Regent University
CEO, Lifeforming Institute

" This is the app I’d wished for. MasterCoach offers tools that will help leaders transform their organizations from good to great! "

Wang Chao (PhD)

Professor, National School of Development

Peking University

" MasterCoach has the chance to become a revolutionary tool that helps leaders and followers reach their full potential. "

Loren J. Naidoo (PhD)

Assistant Professor of Management

California State University

Workplace Coaching Support

ODC offers attendees of ECP access to the MasterCoach App. This intuitive app is designed for coaches to tap on the strengths of their subordinates, monitor and drive positive action and win results.

Our team will work with the Enterprise Coaching through the app as well as in-person coaching throughout the 12 months. Guiding and giving the new Enterprise Coaches a greater sense of confidence and competency to coach their own team.

With this additional layer of support, ODC seeks to assist the Enterprise Coaches to :

  • Strengthen the coaching mindset

  • Sharpen questioning techniques

  • Enhance their ability to motivate their team.

Executive Coaching

ODC understands that during transformations, there might be roadblocks or chokepoints where the newly minted Enterprise Coaches might not be able to immediately resolve. These complex, sophisticated and nuanced challenges can be address with ODC Executive Coaches. Our experienced coaches will come alongside the Enterprise Coaches to discover breakthroughs and re-establish relationships.

By working with and through our Executive Coaches, your organization and the new Enterprise Coaches are able to.

  • Co-create breakthroughs quickly

  • Gain clarity through coaching

  • Learn from experienced coaches in action

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