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How Effective are Leadership Training SkillsFuture Courses?

Leadership is a continuous and deliberate process of development. Thus, in order to maximize your leadership potential and add value to others, undergoing leadership training is a must. Also, it is important to recognize where you stand so that you can improve your current leadership abilities. Willingness to refresh and build on your existing leadership skills is in itself a mark of a true leader.

Successful leaders have the vision to steer their brands around pitfalls and transform, grow value creation, generate efficiencies, and inspire their employees to give better outcomes. Leadership skills training will help expand the capacity of managers of all levels to improve their capabilities, motivate their teams, and attain the best business results. This type of training will also encourage managers and leaders to find fresh and experimental ways of developing and leading people.

Importance of Leadership Skills Training

The advantages of leadership skills training are numerous. The foremost is the ability to help you develop and execute effective leadership strategies. Furthermore, the training will result in you gaining the skills required to boost your team's work productivity. Moreover, it will help you reduce employee turnover and increase engagement that will end in a solid and united team. As you gain confidence from the training, you will discover new ways to win and influence your team. You can then effectively connect with them as well as give constructive feedback or receive feedback from your team.

Leadership Development in Mid-Career

Leadership development usually starts from early to mid-career. So, by honing your leadership skills, as a young manager, you can better prepare for greater responsibility and advancement in your career (International Institute for Management Development, 2021). All these can be fulfilled through a leadership skills training program that highlights self-awareness and team-motivation skills.

A fast-changing worldwide environment calls for frequent leadership training to assist mid-career managers in increasing the value of their company.

Leadership Skills Training at the Highest Level

If you are a senior executive, board member, or CEO, you need to maintain your ability to recognize and take advantage of new business opportunities. You might want to consider enrolling in a business management course that helps with inspirational leadership to reinforce your influence to lead your company confidently.

It is crucial to identify the motivating factors for you to have an impact as a leader and also an influence on others. Determine what the specific leadership skills you want to develop are. Do you want to improve your ability to motivate your team? Do you want to settle a dispute easily? Do you want to be a better communicator? How would you narrow down the specific type of leadership skills training you wish to seek?

There are various types of leadership courses that you can enroll in using your Skillsfuture credits. These people management courses and training can impart critical workplace leadership skillsets into your management knowledge. And the best thing is that you can use your Skillsfuture credits to completely pay for the courses.

What is SkillsFuture?

To put it simply, Skillsfuture is an exclusive privilege to encourage Singaporeans to make informed learning and career decisions, and to contribute to the betterment of their personal growth. This privilege will enable Singaporeans to reach their full potential at various stages of their lives (MySkillsFuture, 2022a).

The SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) intends to prepare the next generation of Singaporean business leaders by assisting aspiring Singaporeans in acquiring critical leadership competencies and experience through company-in-house or sectoral corporate leadership programs (MySkillsFuture, 2022b).

Meeting Workforce Requirements

MySkillsFuture is very useful for employers, especially when meeting workforce requirements.

First, Skillsfuture can enable employers to easily groom talent within their organization by enrolling them into relevant courses that are important for the company.

Secondly, employers can also figure out how to enhance their organization's branding to attract more qualified job seekers. Moreover, job postings and applications can be advertised and tracked. These job postings will include a better perspective on the company and provide an understanding of the entry requirements for the industry and the career paths available.

At the same time, employees can also create a personal profile that will emphasize their skills and work experience and include relevant documents such as a resume, cover letter, and references. Employees can hence increase their visibility to potential employers to boost their chances of being hired.

Some courses will assist employers in training their employees to improve their skills through the platform's wide range of career resources. It also helps employers and employees to be updated with industry trends and in-demand skills.

Training from this platform is vital for employees, especially in their career development and long-term learning. Employees will know more about themselves, and recognize career interests, skill levels, and work values.

Also, MySkillsFuture's Train-and-place Programme gives the employees a chance to develop job-related skills and capabilities in a holistic education and training system. The courses are available in a part-time or full-time format which ranges from three to 12 months (MySkillsFuture, 2022a).

More importantly from the WSQ leadership courses, employees will develop workplace values that align with the company and serve as guiding principles for the way that they work with their team members.

In summary, leadership development is critical for all businesses. While the people in charge of your company have the educational background and work experience you aim for, the skills necessary to appropriately lead your company, train the staff, and achieve success may be insufficient to keep up with the rapid changes of today’s work requirements.

Through sectoral leadership programs, individuals can gain leadership competencies and experience that will aid in their development as effective corporate leaders.

In the meantime, employers can use SkillsFuture LDI to develop and improve in-house leadership development programs to expand the pipeline of existing talent who are ready for corporate advancement and new leadership roles within the company.


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