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ODC CIO Advisor Award for Top Leadership & Coaching Companies
ODC 2021 HRM Silver Winner for Corporate Training
ODC 2021 HRM Silver Winner for Learning & Development

ODC is an award winning, regional corporate training provider based in Singapore. Specialising in corporate training, management skills training and leadership development and management skills training, ODC provides face to face and online training across 14 different cities in Asia Pacific. In Singapore, ODC is also an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for WSQ LPM since 2017.

Award Winning Regional Corporate Training Firm

Boost Your Team’s Capabilities With An Award-Winning, Regional 

Corporate Training Provider

ODC's seasoned regional leaders and trainers elevates your team’s capabilities across leadership development and management skills disciplines.


Regionally Trusted

Trusted by global MNCs, ODC deploys localised trainer networks across 14 cities for turnkey training implementation.

Based In Singapore

From the lion city of Asia, ODC designs and develops training materials based on sound adult learning principles.

Skillsfuture Approved

An Approved Training Organisation (ATO), ODC provides funded WSQ Leadership & People Management (WSQ LPM) certifications.


Retrain, Not Retrench

ODC advocates the Singapore Government’s efforts in assisting businesses to transform, reskill and uptrain their workforce to prepare for the eventual upturn after the Covid-19 crisis.


ODC believes that this transformation begins with leaders.

Develop Your Leaders,

Develop Your Workforce.

Workforce transformation begins with forward-thinking leaders who are equipped to steer their organisations confidently in a sea of uncertainty. Start planning for the future, and leverage on course fees subsidies and absentee payroll to increase skills and reduce operational cost. 


Download our WSQ course calendar to plan for your organisation's training needs. 

Wanted to find out more?  Send us an enquiry so that we can get an ODC Specialist to discuss further on your organisation's learning needs and see how together we can help you to unleash the innate potential within your leaders.