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Courses conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450z)

Award Winning Regional Corporate Training Firm

Boost Your Team’s Capabilities With An Award-Winning, Regional 

Corporate Training Provider

ODC's seasoned regional leaders and trainers elevates your team’s capabilities across leadership development and management skills disciplines.

Award winning corporate training Singapore company

Regionally Trusted

Trusted by global MNCs, ODC deploys localised trainer networks across 14 cities for turnkey training implementation.

Based In Singapore

From the lion city of Asia, ODC designs and develops training materials based on sound adult learning principles.

Skillsfuture Approved

An Approved Training Organisation (ATO), ODC provides funded WSQ courses in areas of leadership, communications and problem identification skills.

More about ODC

ODC is an award winning, regional corporate training provider based in Singapore. Specialising in corporate training, management skills training and leadership development. ODC provides face to face and online training across 14 different cities in Asia Pacific. In Singapore, ODC is also a Registered Training Provider with Skillsfuture Singapore since 2017.

ODC CIO Advisor Award for Top Leadership & Coaching Companies
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Retrain, Not Retrench

ODC advocates the Singapore Government’s efforts in assisting businesses to transform, reskill and uptrain their workforce to prepare for the eventual upturn. 


ODC believes that this transformation begins with leaders and learning. 

Develop Your Leaders,

Develop Your Workforce.

Workforce transformation begins with forward-thinking leaders who are equipped to steer their organisations confidently in a sea of uncertainty. Start planning for the future, and leverage on course fees subsidies and absentee payroll to increase skills and reduce operational cost. 

2022 Course Calendar

Planning for your training ?

Download our WSQ course calendar to plan for your organisation's training needs. 

Wanted to find out more?  Send us an enquiry so that we can get an ODC Specialist to discuss further on your organisation's learning needs and see how together we can help you to unleash the innate potential within your leaders.


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Survive And Thrive in the Post Covid-19 world With Training

We live in unprecedented times. The Covid-19 crisis has hit both business owners and professionals in their wallets, minds, and hearts.

As physical business activities resumes, employees needs to adapt to the new work environment. People skills training as refreshers to support this transitions can help organisations emerge stronger from this ordeal.

Instead of trying to adapt aimlessly in times of liabilities, it’s time to level up employee's ability to work together effectively, so that you develop the greatest asset of them all.

You, and the people around you.

Lead Better, Collaborate Faster, Engage Deeper

What skills would you like to emerge from this crisis with?

Choose from a suite of carefully selected and curated courses from award-winning, talented and experienced coaches who’ve been there, and done that.

Develop Core Leadership Capabilities

Develop Employee Capabilities
(Skillsfuture funded)

WSQ Courses for Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Individual Contributors

Why is it so hard to work with people? Is it really an enigma that can’t be cracked? Better understand and manage teams, expectations, and prepare your people for the new world of work and beyond with ODC’s WSQ Management & Leadership courses .



Lead Your Team To Reach Their Peaks

Every company needs leaders who can envision the next step forward, and inspire others to take that first, brave step with them. ODC develops the leader within your people and gives them the tools, insights and experience to handle the complexities of leadership.



Groom Your Leaders With A Proven Plan

“The best way to influence change is to coach it.” Develop your managers, and turn them into Enterprise Coaches and change agents who can steer your organization forward with clarity in this VUCA world.



Master The Essentials Of Business

The world of business is broad, dynamic, and constantly evolving. ODC equips you with the core essentials you need to thrive in this ever-changing environment, based on highly experiential learning, so you stop trying to keep up.



Develop Your Business Assets

Your people and your finances are your firm’s greatest assets. Our PMC certified consultants critically analyse them to develop core capabilities and chart your course forward with a proven roadmap of growth.

Here’s What Students Have To Say


Knowing about the different stages of conflict enables me to better manage diversity and develop my team.

Yenom Pte Ltd

Chin Lih Shyong



ODC Trainers are experienced, creative, clear in their explanations, and facilitate discussions effectively.

Adventus Singapore

Oh Si Hui



Having the opportunity to role play in class helped me to gain a better understanding of the content.


Pek Kian Kok

ODC is a regional corporate training provider focusing on leadership development and management skills training.

ODC is right where you want to be. With Asia as a key driver of global growth, ODC’s network of consultants is strategically positioned in key cities across the region to meet the needs of your organisation in your internationalisation journey.

Pedagogies Right From The Heartbeat Of Asia.


Specialising in leadership and management skills development, our programmes are facilitated by a regional network of consultants who blend global perspectives with real-world experience, adapting content to the local context.


Offering a wide spectrum of
customised leadership training programmes, ready-to-go management skills workshops, and government-funded WSQ courses, we have the versatility to curate the right solution for your business goals.


ODC has had the privilege of partnering many regional and global MNCs, government organisations and SMEs in their personnel development needs, approaching every client, regardless of size or scale, with the same level of passion and expertise.

Retrain Your Team With Subsidised Next-Level Training To Conquer Workplace Challenges

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