ODC is a regional corporate training provider focusing on leadership development
and management skills training. Headquartered in Singapore, ODC provides tailored workshops focused on delivering meaningful learning experience, anchored by quality trainers and sound adult learning principles that are trusted by global MNCs
ODC is also an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) providing funded WSQ Leadership & People Management (WSQ LPM) certifications


Our expertise is in leadership and management skills development.

Our programmes are facilitated by a regional network of consultants who combine a global perspective with real-world experience, and the ability to adapt content to the local context.



Offering a wide spectrum of 
customised leadership training pro-
grammes, ready-to-go management skills workshops, and government- 

funded LPM WSQ courses, we have the versatility to curate the right solution for your business goals.


ODC has had the privilege of partnering many regional and global MNCs, government organisations and SMEs in their personnel development needs, approaching every client, regardless of size or scale, with the same level of passion and expertise.  


This is our mantra at ODC. It’s the heart and soul of what we do. Because, beyond knowledge and the mastery of skills, we believe to truly effect change in the workplace also requires positivity, self-belief and confidence. 


We understand personal experiences and challenges faced, and create authentic connections through openness, acceptance and sharing. We build competency through experiential learning, and break through barriers by expanding comfort zones. Our people-centred approach is designed to optimise performance and potential at all levels, and in turn, develop effective people-centred leaders empowered to navigate the ever-

changing business world.


CONTACT US : +65 62899196 | +65 68874892 

EMAIL             : enquiries@odctraining.com.sg