Charting Corporate Visions and gain stakeholder support Lead Your Leaders Better With ODC

Vision Leadership - Level 5 (Synchronous e-Learning)

WSQ Leadership & People Management - Level 5

Course Reference No : TGS-2019504787| Valid from 7/2/2020 - 6/2/2022

Conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450Z)

Lead Managers To Develop Organisational And Governance Strategies

Empower your managers and senior management to develop competency in their ability to demonstrate visionary leadership and to lead managers, while working with business leaders in this 2-day program with ODC Training.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Senior managers and heads of department with people


Organisation development-related roles and responsibilities.

        Course Summary

The 2-day programme is designed to support managers and senior management to develop competency in their ability to demonstrate visionary leadership and to lead managers while working with business leaders. 

Designed to be experiential and practical, this course utilises multiple case studies that aim to share experiences and insights to facilitate peer learning. There will also be skills practices to equip participants to lead managers in developing organisational strategies and review corporate governance management to meet organizational needs.

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Key Competencies: What Will Leaders Gain From This?

The WSQ Vision Leadership - Level 5 programme focuses on three, well-rounded core competencies of leadership:

Plan for Organisation


Engage Stakeholders for Support and Buy-in

Evaluate Self for Continuous Improvement in Strategic Planning


WSQ Vision Leadership - Level 5 Course Outline

Find out how ODC’s comprehensive WSQ Vision Leadership - Level 5 course covers everything your leaders need to know to lead fellow leaders better in organisations and chart roads forward.

Plan For Organisation Excellence

How can leaders effectively work together with their departments to chart and execute critical growth paths for their organisation? 

This course teaches leaders how to effectively plan for Organisational Excellence, including planning processes and strategies, winning buy-in from stakeholders, and collaborating with a diverse culture.


You will learn:

Ways of working with and collaborating with stakeholders

Relating organisational strategies with the development and implementation of business plans and processes

Implications and impact of organisational communication processes

Approaches to influencing stakeholders to obtain support and buy-in

Engage Stakeholders For Support And Buy-in

Leaders of today must learn how to inspire, influence, and reinforce key values and principles in leadership if they are to win hearts and minds.


This program teaches leaders how to effectively communicate to garner support and buy-in for mission-critical organisational success.

You will learn:

Importance of complying with organisation policies and procedures

Demonstrating the organisation’s values and ethics through communication

Evaluate Self For Continuous Improvement In Strategic Planning

In the VUCA world that we live in today, change is a constant, and adaption is the new currency.


Leaders must constantly reflect on themselves for greater clarity and adaption so that organisations thrive and consistently refine their growth paths.

You will learn:

Reflecting on strengths and areas for improvement

Platforms for further development to optimize performance