People Development - Level 5 (Synchronous e-Learning)

WSQ Leadership & People Management - Level 5

Course Reference No : TGS-2019504785 | Valid from 3/2/2020 - 2/2/2024

Conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450Z)

Develop Team Leaders Through Capability Development And Coaching

Build And Develop Your Leaders’ Ability To Unlock Your Organisation’s True Potential

Equip your managers and senior management with the essential resources, insights and tools to build and develop your organisation’s capabilities for talent management in this 2-day program with ODC Training.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Head of department


Senior management with talent management and organisation development-related roles and responsibilities

        Course Summary

This 2-day programme is designed to provide practical insights, know-how and skills to empower managers and senior management in building and developing their organisation’ capability. 


Through case studies, skills practice and discussion, participants will be equipped with new perspectives and skillsets to develop a robust and structured people development plan that will include the review of their current talent capability, develop high potential employees to meet organisational requirements, and how to engage and support line managers in their capability development.

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Key Competencies: What Will Leaders Gain From This?

The WSQ People Development - Level 5 programme focuses on three, well-rounded core competencies of leadership:

Assess talent pool to place high potential employees in critical organisation position

Lead managers in planning and developing capabilities for performance

Review talent capability development process to identify untapped potential

WSQ People Development - Level 5 Course Outline

Find out how ODC’s comprehensive WSQ People Development - Level 5 course covers everything your leaders need to know to better review and critically refine your organisation’s capabilities and competency.

Assess Talent Pool To Place High Potential Employees In Critical Organisation Positions

Organisations move forward because of talented teams and efficient processes. So how do you identify critical personnel and future leaders in the right places for them to bloom?


This course teaches leaders how to effectively identify high-performers in organisations, manage talent in the company, and develop critical processes and best practices that ensure the continued development of human capital in companies. 

You will learn:

Critical positions in the organisation, and vacancy risks

Ways of assessing the capabilities and capacities of the talent pool

Categorising high potential employees for placement in critical positions

About Talent Management

Talent management strategies and the development and implementation of business plans and processes

Organisation policies and processes in accordance with codes of practice and legal and ethical considerations

Lead Managers In Planning For And Developing Of Capabilities For Performance

It’s not enough to simply identify high-performance individuals - they’re a select group of bright stars that require nurturing and mentorship.


This program teaches leaders how to develop critical paths and success roadmaps for rising talent in the firm so that they develop into the promising professional that their organization deserves.

You will learn:

How to develop career plans for high potential individuals

Work with managers to build competencies for performance improvement

Delegate autonomy to managers in taking responsibilities for personal development

Promote employee engagement by working through managers

Approach and mentor high potentials for progression and development