Assistant Managers, Managers


Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



This 2-day programme aims to equip the learners with the skillsets to lead team leaders in the development of business unit strategies, operational plans and corporate governance management to meet organizational needs. It also includes providing direction and guidance to team leaders through regular engagement, modelling of leadership and expected behaviours.


The programme focuses on three core competencies of leadership:


  • Facilitate implementation of organisation strategies

  • Promote compliance with corporate governance requirements

  • Provide direction and guidance to team leaders


Department Manager, Manager and High Potential Executive who has potential to play the role of a Change Agent or to Lead Change within the organization.



Learners who are certified ‘Competent’ at the end of the course will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) under the WSQ LPM framework. There are six Competency Units (CUs) within Level 4 under the LPM framework, namely Facilitate Innovation and Lead Team Leaders to Implement Change, Develop Self to Maintain Professional Competence at Managerial Level, Cultivate Workplace Relationships and Diversity, Lead Team Leaders to Develop Business Strategies and Governance Management, Monitor and Reward Performance Across Teams to Manage Achievement of Results, and Develop Team Leaders through Capability Development and Coaching. Learners will be able to attain the WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management once they have attained the SOAs for all six CUs above and SOAs for two elective CUs (WSQ Levels 3-5).  


Align With Organisational Goals, Culture And Value

  • Corporate guideposts

  • Factors affecting organisational culture

  • Types of organisational culture

  • The pyramid of plans

  • Trends and issues affecting organisation and team

Develop Business Unit Strategies And Team Plans

  • Develop process for business strategies

  • Scan the business environment

  • SWOT

  • BCG Matrix (Business Strategies)

  • P.O.L.A.R. (Operational Plans)

Apply Emotional Competence To Provide Guidance And Support

  • IQ versus EQ

  • 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence

  • Methods of providing guidance and support

  • Methods of engaging stakeholders

  • Methods of communication


Develop And Manage Governance Processes

  • Why governance?

  • Develop governance processes for corporate compliance management

  • My role in governance

  • Implement governance processes

  • Non-compliance and risks

  • Option for self-improvement



The programme will include presentation, E-Learning, role plays and various learning activities to achieve optimal learning results.


S$650  (Full course fees before funding) 
S$65  (Course fees after funding for Singaporean & PR in SME) 

S$410  (Course fees after funding for Singaporean & PR in Non-SME) 

S$65  (Course fees after funding for Singaporean aged 40 & above)

* All course fees are subject to prevailing GST based on the full course fees

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