Team Leadership Workshop

Sharpen Your Leadership Skills With ODC

Acquire critical thinking skills, effective communication and decision making to hone your stewardship skills in your organization, in this 2 day program with ODC.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Aspiring Leaders 


Existing Leaders & Managers 

        Course Summary

Leadership is an amalgamation of different disciplines, processes, and capabilities. But what are the absolute essentials that any decent leader must master in order to excel in their role as stewards of the organisation?

In this 2-day workshop, learn distinct skills and competencies of leadership, including both high-level and detailed views, that lets you effectively lead your organisation forward in a VUCA world.

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The Best Leaders See the Bigger Picture

Leaders must understand how to see the broader picture, instead of being narrowed in by groupthink and industry trends in order to build a team that works.

This course will teach you how to properly foster trust, build your team, and see the “bigger picture” so that you can confidently lead your team forward.

You will learn:

Develop an in-depth understanding of roles and responsibilities as a Team Lead

Understand the need to foster trust, build the team and see the ‘bigger picture’ as a Team Lead


Execute Projects With Confidence For Ideal Results

Hierarchical, top down approaches don’t work anymore. In the era of servant leadership, leaders must embrace tactful communication, apply emotional intelligence, and constantly build rapport with their team members to move the entire team forward.


This course will teach you how to properly apply practical communication strategies to identify issues within your team, and develop specific solutions to solve them.

You will learn:

Understand the art of professional communication in the role of a Team Lead

Understand Emotional Intelligence to enhance communications

Build rapport through “V-A-K” – Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic communicators

Listen actively to filter information objectively and understand underlying motivators of team members

Understand factors and characteristics that cause resistance to change, and develop solutions to manage change.


Perfect Your Problem-Solving Skills

Leaders lead teams to successfully solve problems in a clear and efficient manner. The best leaders know how to properly define problems, and identify the best approaches to solving those problems.

This course will teach you how to clearly layout and scope the issue at hand, and critically identify the best solutions to reach your objectives.

You will learn:

Understand the typical barriers towards defining problems accurately and set a framework for critical thinking.

Develop a logical train of thought and identify true statements by omitting omitted information

Set accurate and clear objectives to a problem

Avoid generalising information, and gain practical skills to focus on maintaining objectivity

Use tools to gain buy-in from your audience and present the rationale for the selected decision 

Focus on the problem in a logical manner by staying neutral and discuss the potential consequences of different options

Identify potential distortion that occurs along the journey in learning the truth