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Thitiwan Sithunok, Ph.D


Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D. is an engaging trainer who believe her role is a Leadership  and management skills development. She has over 20 years of experiences in Leadership and management skills development , 12 years in executive and leadership coaching  as well as human and organizational development  in Thailand  and in the region.

Prior to associating with ODC, Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D.  is the leadership positions in leading  training  and consultancy firms in Thailand. Her passion lies in designing effective and customized learning interventions  to help organizations  to change and transform. More than 250 organizations have benefited from her insights in delivering practical, “do-able”, simple and yet impactful interventions, especially in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Talent development , Change Management, Coaching &Mentoring  and  Service Improvement.

Using tools such as Workplace MBTI, DISC, Coping Stance, Action Learning, Thitiwan Sinthunok, Ph.D. has been involved in evaluating and coaching leaders from various industries, including  the government, manufacturing sector, technology industry, education sector , as well as the retail and service sectors. Her philosophy is to bring out the potential of each person using supportive questioning  techniques, deep listening and reflection, have helped many of the people  she teach benefit from thoughtful discussions and insights.

Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D.   leads a straightforward, fun approach, emphasizing  questioning, involvement of learners and apply reflection in the classroom by placing the student at the center. Individuals are encouraged to discover their own strengths in order to make their contributions leap in efficiency for training to achieve results.

Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D.  believes that training must focus on the needs of the organization plus those who have been trained. She sees her role as preparing people. to have the right knowledge that people can actually use in their work Redesigned Practice Guidelines Along with driving change and company culture, Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D.  also spent time practicing and sharing experiences and knowledge with participants from China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, Sweden, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D.  , who drives the organization she works for, won the Action learning  global award for her leadership and group coaching through the action learning process until becoming a university culture. Thitiwan  Sinthunok  Ph.D. ,She holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. Master's degree in Public Administration and a bachelor's degree in science. She is also Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF and a Certified Action Learning Coach with WIAL.

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