Communication Skills


Learn How To Communicate To Success With ODC

Learn the key tenets of successful communication, and drive your intended outcomes with your internal and external customers at the workplace with this 1 day course with ODC Training.



Why Take This Course?

Persuasive communication is a critical skill for business success as we interact with internal/external customers every day. Some examples of interactions are: presenting our

ideas during meetings; getting buy-in from our colleagues; selling our products/services

to our customers; and convincing our bosses on our proposals. 


By crafting a succinct message and communicating passionately, participants will be able to convince others to work towards a common objective. By practising empathy, we will be able to understand other's needs and build a shared vision. Furthermore, by applying principles of persuasion, we will be able to overcome resistance and achieve better buy-in. 

Workshop Objectives

In this practical 1 day (8 hours) workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:


  • Build good rapport and relationships using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 


  • Practice active listening to understand other's needs 


  • Apply effective persuasion techniques to achieve a win-win outcome 


  • Communicate to achieve greater results and success at work

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