Personal Effectiveness - Level 4 (Synchronous e-Learning)

WSQ Leadership & People Management - Level 4

Course Reference No : TGS-2019503878| Valid from 27/1/2020 - 12/6/2023

Conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450Z)

Develop Self To Maintain Professional Competence At Managerial Level

Manage Conflict & Influence Strategic Buy-In Through Better Communications With ODC Training

Equip your leaders and managers to win popular support and stakeholder buy-in on key strategic plans and objectives, by practising better communication skills, while influencing decision-maker minds with this 2-day program from ODC Training.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Department Managers,


High Potential Executive who has potential to play the role of a Change Agent or to Lead Change within the organization

        Course Summary

This programme is designed to equip leaders and managers with the ability to communicate and influence decision making from a managerial perspective-taking in considerations the expectations of the various stakeholders. 


This programme will also help learners to understand more about themselves and others through the use of the MBTI questionnaire. This programme also provides managers the context on how to continually develop their skills in the ever-changing workforce landscape.

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Key Competencies: What Will Leaders Gain From This?

The programme focuses on three core competencies of leadership:





Demonstrate commitment

to self-development

WSQ People Effectiveness - Level 4 Course Outline

Find out how ODC’s comprehensive WSQ People Effectiveness - Level 4 course covers everything your leaders need to know about managing expectations and influencing key decision-making behaviours to drive strategic plans forward.

Communicate Effectively

Successful leaders are masterful communicators, able to weave in and out of key communications and get what they need to push projects forward. 


This program equips you with the essential skills you need to practice better communication to get your ideas across, and convince stakeholders to support those ideas all the way.

You will learn:

Organisational Policies and Procedures

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Communication Process

Communication Techniques and Behaviours

Barriers to Communication

Influence Decision-making

Influence is the currency of the world’s most effective leaders. It is the one skill that can skew decisions towards the favour of the communicator and is the one factor that leaders can leverage on in difficult situations. 


This program will teach you how to garner support around your ideas by influencing key stakeholders during the decision-making process, so that you can drive your initiatives forward with confidence.

You will learn:

Development of Implementation Plans

Facilitate the Decision-Making Process

Emotional Intelligence

Influence Team Leaders - Types of Power

Influence Team Leaders - Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion

Rational Decision-Making Models

Types of Leadership and Its Impact on Decision-Making

Non-Rational Decision-Making Models

Roles and Accountability   

Demonstrate Commitment To Self-development