Manage Performance The Right Way To Success

The best teams perform at the highest levels, governed by a laser focus on managing that performance. Learn how to establish strong performance standards, improve those standards, and communicate expectations across your organization for aligned contribution to your goals and objectives.



Why Take This Course?

Establishing a good performance management process helps managers to work with their staff and maintain an ongoing discussion on performance issues. Establishing a performance plan develops a clearer understanding of the performance expectations and minimises subjectivity in performance evaluation. 


By conducting this process well, it can help your staff contribute effectively to the organisation’s goals while achieving their personal/career development goals.

Workshop Objectives

The 2-day programme is designed to help leaders:


  • Enable your organisation to achieve its business plan through the aligned, collective action of all staff


  • Support the effective implementation of the organisation changes required to meet your organisation’s strategy and value


  • Enable each individual to understand their performance and develop relevant strategies to improve


  • Provide insight into training and development, succession planning and reward

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