People And Performance Management - Level 4 (Synchronous e-Learning)

WSQ Leadership & People Management - Level 4

Course Reference No : TGS-2019503877| Valid from 27/1/2020 - 1/8/2023

Conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450Z)

Monitor And Reward Performance Across Teams To Manage Achievement Of Results

Plan, Measure, Perform, Improve With ODC

Master high-performance at your organisation - from planning and measuring, to reviewing and rewarding in this 2-day program with ODC Training.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Department Managers
and Managers


High Potential Executive who has the potential to play the role of a Change Agent or to Lead Change within the organization.


        Course Summary

In a VUCA world, results and performance are everything.

In this programme, equip your leaders and managers in your organization with the crucial skill of optimising and maximising performance for greater service delivery, and organisational growth.

From planning and measuring performance, to learning about the implementation of plans and managing performance, we’ll also take a look at reviewing performance, and designing adequate reward structures for performance so as to create a holistic performance-oriented organisation.

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Key Competencies: What Will Leaders Gain From This?

The programme focuses on three core competencies of leadership:

Set goals and

develop team plans

Implement plans & manage performance

Review and

 reward performance


WSQ People and Performance Management - Level 4 Course Outline

Find out how ODC’s comprehensive WSQ People and Performance Management - Level 4 course covers everything your leaders need to know to turn your organisation into a high performing one.


The Best Teams Start With The Right Plans

The right plans give performance-driven teams the right direction to navigate a complex environment.


Learn how you can design your plans to achieve specific goals and objectives so your organization can move forward with clear, structured plans.

You will learn:

The Hierarchy of Plans

Developing Team Plans

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals


Management By Objectives (MBO)

Management By Wandering Around (MBWA)

Identifying, requesting and allocating resources required to implement the team plans


Execute Projects With Confidence For Ideal Results

Projects don’t complete themselves with just a plan. In an uncertain world, execution is the differentiating factor between a failed project and a successful one.


In this course, you’ll learn what goes into assembling high-performance teams, and then direct and manage their progress for mission success.

You will learn:

Performance Management Theories

  • Expectancy Theory

  • McGregor Theory X and Theory Y

  • Frederick Herzberg’s Hygiene and Motivational Factors Theory

Managing Risk

  • Manager’s role in managing risks

  • Sources of Risks

  • Assessing Risk using the following matrices

  • Impact on Employees and Organisation

Creating a High-Performance Team

  • Selecting the right team mix 

  • Leadership and Focus        

  • Moving the team towards high performance               

  • Monitoring Team Performance 

  • Managing Emotional States

  • Methods to improve team performance


Analyse, Feedback And Improve For Greater Performance

The best teams are always improving.


From project analysis, to feedback and improvement, you’ll learn the different metrics to analyse performance in your organisation, review project efficiency