People Change Management - Level 4 (Synchronous e-Learning)

WSQ Leadership & People Management - Level 4

Course Reference No : TGS-2019503873 | Valid from 27/1/2020 - 7/8/2023

Conducted by Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd (UEN 201026450Z)

Facilitate Innovation And Lead Team Leaders To Implement Change

Innovate With Confidence & Change Management With ODC

Embrace change, and facilitate innovation with confidence, impact, and clarity in this 2-day program with ODC Training.

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Who Best Benefits From This Workshop?


Department Managers
and Managers


High Potential Executive who has the potential to play the role of a Change Agent or to Lead Change within the organization.


        Course Summary

In the increasingly complex business world, companies have to rapidly adapt in a cost-efficient manner in response to the changing operating environment and customer behaviour. A company’s agility is its ability to respond to external changes without losing completely their relevance and value propositions. This agility goes beyond strategic intent but also into implementation effectiveness. Implementation effectiveness would require leaders to exercise flexibility, adaptability in response to situations while leading teams to implement the changes. 

This programme is designed to provide the participants with the skillsets to facilitate innovation at the workplace, manage the implementation of change strategies and processes and monitor and evaluate the impact of change on team leaders. Through practical examples and role play, the participants will be equipped with the essential skillsets and mindset to effectively facilitate innovation and lead team leaders to implement change.

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Key Competencies: What Will Leaders Gain From This?

The programme focuses on three core competencies of leadership:

Facilitate innovation at the workplace

Manage the implementation of change strategies and processes

Monitor and evaluate the impact of change on team leaders


WSQ People Change Management - Level 4 Course Outline

Find out how ODC’s comprehensive WSQ People Change Management - Level 4 course covers everything your leaders need to know to facilitate change and innovation with clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness in your organisation.

Facets of change management in an organization

Importance of service innovation

Fright, Flight or Fight

The rapidly changing world is upon us, and business leaders are scrambling to figure out a formula that works for them in this new, volatile environment.


This program teaches you what change and this new world entail, so you are better equipped to handle the demands that ensue.

You will learn:

Introduction to Change

Entering the VUCA world

How to manage VUCA


Organisational policies and procedures regarding change management

Work With The Big Picture In Mind

Narrow thinking and box-in mindsets simply don’t work in constantly changing environments. Leaders must adopt creative-thinking processes that challenge the status quo, and look beyond traditional business models to answer today’s pressing business challenges. 

This program empowers you to critically analyse the global connected environment, and figure out your best path forward in an uncertain world.

You will learn:

What are Systems Thinking?

Systems thinking tools

Tacit vs. Explicit Knowledge

Learning Organisation

Factors contributing to change

Kotter’s 8-Step Change Management Theory

Prosci’s Change Management Theory

Recognising and addressing feelings when managing change

Competencies to respond positively to change

Behaviours and systems supporting/limiting effectiveness of change

Roles in implementing change management strategies

How to keep abreast of change management systems

Managing Change Methods With Care

Successful change strategies are backed by deliberate, careful planning and analysis.


Leaders must know the critical data to look out for in order to facilitate change and manage expectations.

You will learn:

Learning from change management strategies

Methods and tools for data analysis

Qualitative and quantitative data

Data analysis methods

Support enterprising behaviour and risk-taking