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Richard Lim

Senior Consultant

Richard began his career in training in 1989 and his specialty and key focus is in the field of Human Resource Management and Retail Operations. His training style is very interactive and he is committed to motivating his trainees to go beyond just gaining knowledge but getting them to transfer the knowledge into workable and realistic application.  He is able to zero in and focus on each participant in the direction of their individual strengths.


Being multilingual, he is able to freely conduct his training sessions in English or Mandarin. He is also conversant in dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew. The advantage of being accomplished in the Chinese language and dialects quickly helps him bridge the language divide amongst the Mandarin speaking audience. It helps them grasp and understand the session better. Richard never fails to hold the attention of his participants regardless of background or level - from front liners up to management level, and makes him popular and greatly appreciated by his audience.


This is advantageous when it comes to conducting training participants from mainland China, as well as dialect or Mandarin speaking participants. His experience is well supported by his training experience overseas in countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong.


Richard possess a wealth of experience, accumulated through working in several established retail chain stores as a Human Resource and Training Manager in Singapore and their overseas operations in Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. This makes him an excellent resource in the whole spectrum on the subject of Retail Management.


Besides conducting training, he also has experience in designing training and development programs, focusing on assisting staff in improving their customer service skills, selling proficiency, and supervisory skills; he also personally delivered the in-house training programs, such as developing behaviour check list, job-oriented performance appraisal and on-the-job training handbooks and is able to tie this to specifically assist staff in being more customer-centric and professional.  He has also designed and conducted program to help staff from People Republic of China to service customers in English.


Richard’s principal area of training expertise focuses in the art of people management skills, problem solving, team building, interpersonal skills, managing of work performance, retail selling techniques, customer service, customer complaints management, merchandise display, sales and promotion, inventory management, process payroll and payroll management.


Richard has a BSc in Mathematics from Open University of London. He also holds several Diplomas amongst them Diploma in Training and Development Management (Institute of Personnel and Development-UK), Diploma in Human Resource Management (Singapore Human Resource Institute), Advanced Certificate in Training Assessment (ACTA), He is also a qualified OJT Consultant and is a Certified Behavioural Consultant using the DISC and Harrison Interview tools.

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