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Michelle Szeto


Michelle Szeto started her career with the Singapore Airlines as a Flight Stewardess. She was promoted to Leading Stewardess during her 5-year stint with the Airlines. She then joined Gamut Marketing Pte Ltd where she was responsible for launching three Hong Kong brand name shops in Singapore – Episode, Jessica and Excursion. It was here that spurred her to pursue a career in Fashion Retailing and Brand Management.

With her passion for fashion and an unwavering determination to realize her dreams, she returned to school to equip herself. She graduated from LaSalle International Fashion School with a Diploma in Fashion Marketing.

Upon graduation, Michelle joined AMS Apparel Machinery Company.  She was based in Mauritius for 9 months; and travelled vastly to China and Malaysia to market her line of industrial machineries to apparel manufacturers. Such experiences enabled her to develop keen marketing and communications skills as well as a global mindset.

She embarked on her fashion career with FJ Benjamin Singapore in 1998. Two years later, she was offered an opportunity to work with Kwang Sia Pte Ltd. During her 13-year tenure with Kwang Sia, she managed two esteemed brands – Hugo Boss and Max Mara. As a Brand Manager, she was responsible to formulate brands’ objectives, implement retail strategies, develop Advertising and Promotions proposals, conceive effective Customer Relationship Management programs as well as conduct rigorous staff training and development.

Being in the sales and service industry for close to 2 decades, she demanded from her staff impeccable sales and service standards.  Michelle is a firm believer of continuous training. She trained her team of staff on products, fabrication, trends, styling, and co-ordination. Her training also included grooming, deportment, communication skills and phone etiquette.

She started her training career since October 2012. Apart from Service Excellence and Leadership training, she has also conducted fashion and colour theory modules.

Armed with close to three decades of experiences in the sales and service industry, leading and managing diverse teams, Michelle has inspired many on the topic of service excellence and leadership. She is personable and energetic in her delivery that motivates learners to their next level of development. She has also been receiving excellent feedback from clients mainly on her energetic persona and the ability to meet with different learning levels of participants. One of her clients, Eu Yan Seng, has recently been awarded Excellence Service Silver Award by Singapore Retail Association.  Equipped with experience in grooming on beauty and apparel, she has also incorporated useful practical make-up tips to WSQ Project a Positive and Professional image module.

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