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Irene Ko


Irene has more than 20 years of valuable experience in lecturing and training adults, Irene has accumulated a vast knowledge working as an administrator in the human resource department in a prestigious MNC and her subsequent stint as a professional trainer has also sharpened her Emotional Quotient (EQ) skills as an effective communicator and interlocutor through the years.


She has lived in Japan and Australia for few years.  This has given her great opportunity to interact at all levels with people of diverse background to experience and understand cultural diversity. 


Irene believes in life-long learning for success.  She brings with her vast experience in the corporate world and has a strong preference to bring values to workplace. Irene has strong interpersonal skills. Her training style is very interactive, creative, result-oriented and has a strong sense of integrity & professionalism. She goes beyond training and is a great motivator and encourager to each participant in the direction of their individual strengths.


Human Resource Background

Irene’s past employment positions at different sectors including HR & recruitment as well as training experience position her sharply and competently to understand some of the “x factors” and requirements an employer is looking for when they recruit potential candidates into their respective organizations. Her experience includes registration, recruitment & match staff at Employment Agencies .


Coaching Experience

Since 2002/3, Irene has been involved in the national upgrading program under the then Skills Redevelopment Plan for HDB staff, Civil Services and Members of the Public.  Since 2008/9  She has been conducting/coaching for the numerous training for most sectors of the industry especially for the PMEs.  Her experience extends to Employment Camp program as well.  In her course of training career she has the experience of coaching newer trainers and since 2011 till now  she has taken another  role  as  a psychometric assessor.


Professional Qualifications

  • CTL Master Trainer Certified (USA/WDA)
  • BA in English & Management
  • Professional Diploma in Management
  • Full ACTA, (Advance Certificate in Training & Assessment)
  • TESL (Teaching English – Regional English Language Centre, RELC)
  • Certified Psychometric Assessor
  • Certified in CSP (Customer Service Professional)
  • Certified in GEMS & On-Site-Bite Size PGEMS (Customer Service)
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