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Duration . 2 days (14hrs)



In this two-day workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:

1.     Be able to see the broader goals

2.     Develop leadership communication skills

3.     Enhance engagement with team members

4.     Manage change from a leadership position

5.     Make decisions effectively

6.     Apply critical thinking skills


1.     Develop an in-depth understanding of roles and responsibilities as a Team Lead

2.     Understand the need to foster trust, build the team and see the ‘bigger picture’ as a Team Lead

3.     Understand the art of professional communication in the role of a Team Lead

4.     Understand Emotional Intelligence to enhance communications

5.     Build rapport through “V-A-K” – Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic communicators

6.     Listen actively to filter information objectively and understand underlying motivators
        of team members

7.     Understand factors and characteristics that cause resistance to change, and develop solutions
         to manage change.

8.     Understand the typical barriers towards defining problems accurately and set a framework
         for critical thinking.

9.     Set accurate and clear objectives to a problem

10.   Focus on the problem in a logical manner by staying neutral and discuss the potential
         consequences of different options

11.   Identify potential distortion that occurs along the journey in learning the truth

12.   Develop a logical train of thought and identify true statements by omitting omitted information

13.   Avoid generalising information, and gain practical skills to focus on maintaining objectivity

14.   Use tools to gain buy-in from your audience and present the rationale for the selected decision 


The workshop will be activity-based and interactive with experiential and accelerated learning. Activities, videos, case studies and role play will be used to bring across pertinent learning points. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results. 

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