Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



The proposed programme aims to equip executives, team leaders or deputy managers with the essential tools to be an effective people-leader to lead problem solving, chair meetings, facilitate innovations, and provide feedback to those whom they lead. 



Individual Contributor vs Supervisor

  •  Understanding the key difference between individual contributors and supervisors,
     and how to transition effectively to become a people leader: 

    • Time management 

    • Importance of delegation 

    • Communication 

Essential Communication and Behavioural Types

  •  Understanding communication and behavioural preference through DiSC profiling

  •  Effective communication strategies

  •  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses in communication through DiSC 

  •  Barriers to effective communication

    • Behavioural preference 

    • Cultural sensitivity

    • Multi-generational age gap 

  • Applying active listening in the workplace 

    • Importance of feedback during communication

    • Demonstrating interest in others

    • Acknowledging their view while not necessarily agreeing with it

Essential Business Communication and Management Skills

  •  Facilitating effective team meetings 

    • Establishing purpose of meeting

    • Importance of the meeting agenda

    • Ensuring effective discussions

    • Differentiating opinions and facts

    • Leading discussion to stay on point and to action an item

    • Summarising the meeting 

  •  Effective delegation techniques 

    • Responsibility vs accountability

    • Providing the necessary support to your delegates

    • Mentoring them to develop their skills

    • Strategies of giving feedback 

  •  Giving public recognition

  •  Providing private feedback


Problem Solving

  •  Understand the typical barriers to concise problem definition

  •  Learn to define problems accurately and the benefits of such skills  

  • ​ Sets the framework for critical thinking; towards a desired outcome to the problem

Vision of Success and Thinking Out of The Box

  •  Enhance ability to set accurate and defined objectives to a problem

  •  Learn the importance of leveraging on stakeholders to the problem and identifying
     issues that may arise in the definition

  •  Explore the problem with depth and breadth in a logical manner as well as other
     alternatives that may be available

  •  Discuss and learn about potential consequences with each option through the
     utilisation of a  ‘Consequence Table’

  •  Proposing solutions to management

Leading Teams to Meet Customer’s Requirements

  •  Understanding customers – internal and external

  •  Appreciating the importance of different customers

  •  Reviewing your internal customer network and your service towards them

  •  Adopting the Go-Extra-Mile approach in customer management


The workshop will be activity-based and experiential in nature, involving profiling using DiSC Personality Types, group discussion and activities, role play and observation. 

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