Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



The programme aims to equip experienced and new managers with the relevant competencies to enhance their leadership ability, communication effectiveness, team management and promoting staff development through coaching. 


Management versus Leadership

  •  Differences between leaders and managers

  •  The importance of leadership

  •  The levels of leadership 

Leading Strategically

  •  Organisational Vision, Mission and Strategies

  •  Organisational Culture and Values: Articulating Edgar Schien’s model

  •  Sources of Power: Where does your authority come from? 

  •  Building Your Strategic Edge (based on Jerry Acuff’s model)

  •  The Art of Followership: Understanding the leader-follower / team dynamics

Building a High Performing Team

  •  Team development model 

  •  Enhancing team dynamics through collaboration and complementary skills

  •  Applying EQ in building effective teams
         –  Overcoming Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team     
         –  Absence of trust 
         –  Fear of conflict
         –  Lack of commitment
         –  Avoidance of accountability
         –  Inattention to results

Essential Communication and Conflict Resolution Strategies

  •  Effective communication

  •  Barriers to effective communication

  •  Cultural sensitivity 

  •  Multi-generational age gap

  •  Encouraging active listening in the workplace

  •  Overview of Thomas Kilman’s conflict resolution framework

  •  Dealing with difficult situations 

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

  •  Defining coaching and mentoring

  •  Understanding the leader’s role in coaching and mentoring and its importance 

  •  Motivating team members and enhancing their performance through coaching and mentoring

  •  Identifying opportunities for mentoring and coaching

  •  Understanding the role of the mentor
         –   Importance of having a nurturing mindset 
         –   Understanding the value of your experience and knowledge
         –   Knowing when to share knowledge and when to share experience 
         –   Boundaries of a mentor
         –   Building up the mentee’s confidence and relationship with the mentor
         –   Approach of checking in

  •  Role of the coach     
         –   Motivate team member and enhance his performance through coaching      
         –   Identify opportunities for mentoring and coaching

  •  Applying GROW model in coaching     

            –   Using GROW coaching framework to develop employees



The workshop will be activity-based and experiential in nature, involving profiling using MBTI Personality Types, case studies, group discussion and activities, role play and observation. 

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