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Leadership in the modern workplace requires a suite of different skills and competencies across different disciplines to successfully steer an organization to success. Learn and equip yourself with these essential skills and more in this 2-day course with ODC.

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        Course Summary

Leadership is an amalgamation of different disciplines, processes, and capabilities. But what are the absolute essentials that any decent leader must master in order to excel in their role as stewards of the organisation?

In this 2-day workshop, learn distinct skills and competencies of leadership, including both high-level and detailed views, that lets you effectively lead your organisation forward in a VUCA world.

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Leaders & Managers - What Are The Differences?

There are clear distinctions between leaders and managers - but to the untrained eye, they might appear one and the same. In this segment, learn the crucial difference between the two, and understand the crucial aspects of both levels of leadership, and more.

You will learn:

 Differences between leaders and managers

 The importance of leadership

 The levels of leadership 


Understand The Dynamics Of Strategy In Leadership

Leadership and strategy go hand in hand, but strategies are worthless without a keen understanding of the dynamics underlying them. In this segment, learn the different parts that affect the impact of your strategies, and find out how you can adapt your own leadership style for mission success.

You will learn:

Organisational Culture and Values: Articulating Edgar Schien’s model

Organisational Vision, Mission and Strategies

Sources of Power: Where does your authority come from? 

 The Art of Followership: Understanding the leader-follower / team dynamics

 Building Your Strategic Edge (based on Jerry Acuff’s model)


Master The Nuances Of Team Performance

Every team is a blend of complex emotions and aspirations that requires careful handling and management. In this segment, learn the different forces at play that can either negate your efforts in bolstering team performance, or boost your team’s performance as a whole.

You will learn:

 Team development model 

 Enhancing team dynamics through collaboration and complementary skills

 Applying EQ in building effective teams​

  • Overcoming Lencioni’s five dysfunctions of a team     

  • Absence of trust 

  • Fear of conflict

  • Lack of commitment

  • Avoidance of accountability

  • Inattention to results


Reduce Conflict, Increase Buy-In With Communication Essentials

The hallmark of a successful leader is the ability to effectively communicate with their team members, and drive objectives forward. Successful communication breaks barriers, increases buy-in, and reduces conflict, leading to a highly efficient team.

You will learn:

Effective Communication

 Barriers to effective communication

Cultural sensitivity

 Multi-generational age gap

 Encouraging active listening in the workplace

 Overview of Thomas Kilman’s conflict resolution framework

Dealing with difficult situations 

Defining coaching and mentoring

Understanding the leader’s role in coaching and mentoring and its importance 

 Role of the coach     

  • Motivate team member and enhance his performance through coaching      

  • Identify opportunities for mentoring and coaching

 Applying GROW model in coaching     

  • Using GROW coaching framework to develop employees


Learn A Proven System For Guiding People Forward

The best leaders are the ones who inspire others to reach their full potential and beyond. Coaching and mentoring are crucial elements of leadership, but for the most part, are a mystery to understand. In this segment, we’ll demystify this critical skill, and give you a proven framework and foundation that you can use to coach your teammates in your organisation.

You will learn:

Motivating team members and enhancing their performance through coaching and mentoring

Identifying opportunities for mentoring and coaching

Understanding the role of the mentor

  • Importance of having a nurturing mindset 

  • Understanding the value of your experience and knowledge

  • Knowing when to share knowledge and when to share experience 

  • Boundaries of a mentor

  • Building up the mentee’s confidence and relationship with the mentor

  • Approach of checking in

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(During Covid-19)

If you’re wondering if Covid-19 is going to prevent you or your team from attending our workshops - there’s good news.


ODC courses and workshops are fully online, and conducted through enterprise-grade software like Zoom and Udemy, which means you can learn from the comfort of your own home, yet have as close to the same experience as possible.


Gain Insights From Relevant
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Highly Engaging Online Lessons

ODC carefully chooses industry experts and leaders, who have at least 10 years of management and training years in their chosen topic, so you get topic-relevant insight that’s tested and proven to work.

Our training lessons are deliberately designed to create an experiential learning (based on role plays) environment for your team’s WSQ LPM assessment. Learn while having fun!

ODC’s Training Methodology

ODC’s workshops include presentations, role plays and various learning activities that help participants like yourself obtain optimal learning results.




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Knowing about the different stages of conflict enables me to better manage diversity and develop my team.

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ODC Trainers are experienced, creative, clear in their explanations, and facilitate discussions effectively.

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Oh Si Hui



Having the opportunity to role play in class helped me to gain a better understanding of the content.


Pek Kian Kok

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Headquartered in Singapore, ODC provides skills-based workshops focused on delivering meaningful learning experience, anchored by quality trainers and sound adult learning principles that are trusted by global MNCs across 14 cities.

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