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In the ever-competitive service-orientated business environment, customer expectations are constantly rising while customers’ patience is getting shorter. Hence, organisations need to have in place service frameworks to handle and manage various types of difficult customers. While no one likes dealing with difficult customers, enlightened companies place special attention on difficult customers due to high retention rate. The reason is because difficult customers usually have a
hard time getting what they want from all of the vendors they deal with. If your organisation’s customer-facing employees can master the skills from this workshop, you can convert your difficult customers one at a time into an extremely loyal customer base that returns to you every time.


In this one-day workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:

1.    Recognise the common profile of negative and difficult customers

2.    Handle difficult customers with confidence

3.    Apply engagement strategies confidently to defuse the situation and restore and recover the              customer relationship


1.    Values alignment and what is in it for me? 

2.    Recognise that the success of an individual’s career is integral to the success of the      

       organisation’s success

3.    Renew employees’ service mindset 

4.    Recognise the common profile of negative and difficult customers

5.    Understand the common types of difficult customer and their symptoms, signals and triggers

6.    Select the correct response in handling difficult customers, taking into consideration diversity
       in areas of age, gender, race and nationality

7.    Handle difficult customers confidently

8.    Acknowledge and apologise to customer politely

9.    Confirm details of referred complaint

10.  Use active listening and questioning skills to uncover customer issues and problem areas

11.  Establish mutually acceptable resolutions to complaints within own limits of authority and      
       according to organisational customer service policies and procedures

12.  Assure customer that appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the complaint

13.  Use effective communication techniques to develop rapport with the customer and
       consolidate customer confidence

14.  Implement agreed actions and follow up with customer until complaint is satisfactorily resolved

15.  Follow organisational procedures if customer would like to escalate complaint to
       higher authority

16.  Apply engagement strategies confidently to defuse the situation
Calm: Calm yourself down before engaging with customer

18.  Assure : Demonstrate concern and empathy when engaging with customer

19.  Listen : Actively listen to identify root cause and determine profile of customer

20.  Mend : Based on information received, proceed to resolve issue with customer

21.  Sincerity : Demonstrating sincerity throughout the process is the best practice to building    
       customers’ confidence and regaining goodwill

22.  When interacting with customers, demonstrate the qualities of a customer service professional

23.  Build relationship with customer by demonstrating empathy and showing sincere concern

24.  Meet customers’ needs by applying accurate product and service knowledge, organisational        
       service procedures and policies, as well as related legislations


The workshop will be activity-based and interactive with experiential and accelerated learning. Activities, videos, case studies and role play will be used to bring across pertinent learning points. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results. 


























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