Keep Customers Happy, Keep Them Coming Back



The best teams perform at the highest levels, governed by a laser focus on managing that performance. Learn how to establish strong performance standards, improve those standards, and communicate expectations across your organization for aligned contribution to your goals and objectives.



Why Take This Course?

In the ever-competitive service-orientated business environment, customer expectations are constantly rising, while customers are getting more impatient. Organisations need to put in place service frameworks to handle and manage various types of difficult customers. 


While no one likes dealing with difficult customers, enlightened companies place special attention on difficult customers, since they’re the ones with the highest retention rate. 


The reason is because difficult customers usually have a hard time getting what they want from all of the vendors they deal with. If your organisation’s customer-facing employees can master the skills from this workshop, you can convert your difficult customers one at a time into an extremely loyal customer base that returns to you every time.

Workshop Objectives

This 1-day (8 hours) programme is designed to help leaders:


  • Recognise the common profile of negative and difficult customers


  • Handle difficult customers with confidence


  • Apply engagement strategies confidently to defuse the situation and restore and recover the customer relationship

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