Master Financial Literacy For Increased Efficiency

Management Skills


(Finance for non-finance managers)

Being able to understand, process, and communicate in numbers and figures has never been more important in the decision making process as today. Hone your financial acumen, tell a story with data, and more with this course from ODC.



Why Take This Course?

With increasing emphasis on corporate governance and enhancing shareholders’ funds, financial awareness for managers is not an option, but a necessity. There is a greater need for managers at all levels to acquire financial knowledge to communicate with financial specialists and understand the financial impact of their operational decisions. Financial acumen is recognised as a key strategic decision-making tool for business managers today. 


This two-day course transforms financial and accounting concepts into decision-making tools that can be used successfully every day. Participants will learn to apply the fundamentals of finance to improve budget management, increase potential profits, assess the financial viability of projects and ultimately, enhance shareholders’ value.

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Key Programme Outline

ODC’s Finance Fundamentals workshop empowers participants with the ability to understand financial literacy in the context of business, and equips them with critical knowledge of assessing projects from the financial standpoint.

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