Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



In a thriving forward-looking company, visionary leadership is not only the responsibility of the senior management but also that of managers and supervisors. With a clear focus, drive and smarts, executives and supervisors can support the organisation’s rise to the top of their industry and professionals can outperform their peers.


This programme will equip supervisors with essential supervisory skills as well as the ability to coach their staff to achieve better performance.


  1. Goal Setting & Planning

  • The importance of setting goals

  • How to set SMART goals

  • Developing team plans

  2. Understanding Own Style and Other Styles for Better Working Relationships

  • What is my working style?

  • How do I work with other styles?

  3. Effective Communication Skills

  • Rapport building

  • Active listening

  • Questioning skills

  • Providing effective feedback

  4. Team Building Skills

  • What makes teams effective?

  • Tucker’s team development model

  5. Conflict Management Skills

  • Conflict management styles

  • Conflict resolution methods

  6. What is Coaching?

  • Definition of coaching

  • The importance of coaching for a supervisor


  7. Role of the coach

  • Identify coaching opportunities

  • How to motivate team members using coaching

  8. Use the powerful G.R.O.W. model to improve staff performance

  • Goal

  • Reality

  • Options

  • Will


The workshop will involve formal inputs with activity-based skill-building exercises and interactive group discussions. Participants will learn about their own working style and how best to work
with other types of working styles. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.

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