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Presentations when done right can be a key differentiating factor for your organization or personal brand. Learn how to deliver successful presentations, one after the other in this 1 day course with ODC Training.


Why Take This Course?

A great presentation does not just happen. It is planned, rehearsed, then delivered with flair.

A great presenter is one who learns the skills of presentation - not one who hopes for talent to carry them through. Public speaking is a skill, not a talent. A great presenter also has the

personal confidence that comes from knowing what they want to say and being comfortable

with their communication skills. 


In this two-day workshop, participants will master and hone these essential skills and build the confidence that will make them a better speaker and presenter.

Workshop Objectives

In this practical 2 day (15 hours) workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:


  • Plan and prepare a presentation


  • Reduce nervousness and fear 


  • Gain rapport with their audience 


  • Recognise how visual aids can create impact and attention


  • Create a professional presence


  • Deliver a presentation with skill and confidence

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Key Programme Outline

ODC’s Effective Skills For A Winning Presentation workshop empowers participants with the ability to craft persuasive presentations after another for organisational success. 

1  Getting Started: 9 Presentation Sins

How many can you relate to? 

How can you avoid them? 

2  Key Presentation Fundamentals

Human Insight #1: How people learn  

Human Insight #2: How we retain information

The Communication Model 

The 3Vs

3 Controlling Your Jitters

Root cause of fear of public speaking   

Techniques to overcome nervousness and fear  

4 Planning Your Presentation

A - Finding An Opening      


  • How to use an effective opening (or your audience will tune out from the start)


  • Relate opening to the central theme


  • Keep opening brief but impactful


  • Elements of an effective opening


  • Types of openings

B - Structuring The Body    


  • The central theme


  • Purpose of the presentation


  • Maintaining the flow


  • Keeping the logic


  • Making it relevant for the audience


  • The 3 Ts

C - Powerful Close    

  • How to close off with a powerful ending


  • Types of closing and the effects

5  Factors Of The Presenter  

The importance of voice    

Making sure you are sending out the right message through your body language

Techniques to create a professional presence 

6  Using Energy Levels To Control The Presentation

How to use energy to develop enthusiasm in your audience 

How to use vocal skills to add energy

How to use body language to add energy 

7  Engaging Your Audience

Building rapport with the audience   

Maintaining dialogue with the audience  

Engagement through the five senses

8  Using Visual Aids To Create Impact And Attention

Key points about using PowerPoint   

13 PowerPoint sins you must avoid 

9    Adding Punch To Your Presentation

How to improve your presentation from a 2D script to 3D dimension  

An invaluable list of tools to inject fun, humour, interest, participation and diversion to bring your presentation to life, and to keep your audience attentive and enjoying themselves.    

The power of the Pause and when to use it.

10  Your Presentation

To reinforce the learning points, participants will prepare and present a short presentation which will be recorded for review by the participants. Participants will also evaluate each other and provide constructive feedback.

Learn From The Comfort Of Your Device (During Covid-19)

If you’re wondering if Covid-19 is going to prevent you or your team from attending our workshops - there’s good news.


ODC courses and workshops are fully online, and conducted through enterprise-grade software like Zoom and Udemy, which means you can learn from the comfort of your own home, yet have as close to the same experience as possible.

ODC’s Training Methodology

The workshop will involve formal inputs with activity-based skill-building exercises and interactive group discussions. 


Participants will learn about their own working style and how best to work with other types of working styles. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.

Here’s What People Say About Our Courses


Knowing about the different stages of conflict enables me to better manage diversity and develop my team.

Yenom Pte Ltd

Chin Lih Shyong



ODC Trainers are experienced, creative, clear in their explanations, and facilitate discussions effectively.

Adventus Singapore

Oh Si Hui



Having the opportunity to role play in class helped me to gain a better understanding of the content.


Pek Kian Kok


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ODC carefully chooses industry experts and leaders, who have at least 10 years of management and training years in their chosen topic, so you get topic-relevant insight that’s tested and proven to work.

Our training lessons are deliberately designed to create an experiential learning (based on role plays) environment for your team’s WSQ LPM assessment. Learn while having fun!

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