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Stop Using Only Discounts To Close The Deal

Learn important fundamentals of sales negotiation, so that you can better close deals by understanding the psychological makeup of every deal, instead of resorting to a price war.



Why Take This Course?

Many sales professionals use discounts as a strategy to close the sale. However, it greatly affects a company's bottom line as every 1% discount given reduces the net profit by more than 5%!


In order to achieve a win-win outcome in a sales negotiation, it is important to understand

human psychology and develop a negotiation approach before coming to the negotiation table. This workshop aims to equip sales professionals with an effective negotiation

framework and techniques for achieving better sales terms.

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Key Programme Outline

In this course, participants will learn the necessary skills and mindset they need to effectively negotiate through a sales discussion, and close the deal without having to resort to price discounts as an only option.


  • Understand the important principles and techniques of negotiation


  •  Develop their own negotiation checklist using the negotiation framework


  •  Create value proposition for better negotiation power


  •  Achieve a win-win negotiation outcome

1  Essence Of Negotiation