Duration . 1 days (8hrs)



Many sales professionals use discount as a strategy to close the sale. However, it greatly affects
a company's bottom line as every 1% discount given reduces the net profit by more than 5%!


In order to achieve a win-win outcome in a sales negotiation, it is important to understand
human psychology and develop a negotiation approach before coming to the negotiation table. This workshop aims to equip sales professionals with an effective negotiation
framework and techniques for achieving better sales terms.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  •  Understand the important principles and techniques of negotiation

  •  Develop their own negotiation checklist using the negotiation framework

  •  Create value proposition for better negotiation power

  •  Achieve a win-win negotiation outcome


 1.   Essence Of Negotiation

  •  Are you making the 5 most common negotiation mistakes?

  •  Insights to the negotiation framework

  2.  Key Preparation For Winning a Negotiation

  •  Develop the negotiation checklist

  •  Create value proposition through research and analysis

  3.  Deploy Negotiation Strategies

  •  Understand human psychology

  •  Apply effective negotiation strategies and techniques

  4.  Conduct Negotiation

  •  Create the right atmosphere and understand customer’s needs

  •  Manage customer’s requests and overcome customer objections

  5.  Achieve Win-Win Outcome

  •  Finalise the details of the sales contract

  •  Gain customer commitment and achieve win-win outcome


The workshop is designed to deliver maximum results through experiential learning, case studies, group discussions, video, self-reflection and translation into an actual action plan that can be applied immediately at work.

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