Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



In today’s business climate, the importance of successful negotiation cannot be overstated. Organisations negotiate every day. Equipping your team with practical negotiation skills gives
them the edge and helps them build longer term results. Effective negotiators are not born
– they can be made – and this workshop is designed to jumpstart you firmly on the road to
mastery of effective negotiation and persuasion skills.



At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use effective strategies to negotiate

  • Adopt the right interpersonal skills and attitude during negotiation

  • Persuade and influence to achieve business results 


Module 2:  Effective Negotiation 

1.    Basic concepts of negotiation 

2.     A framework for the negotiation process

3.     The difference between position and interest negotiation

4.     Identifying and prioritising your interests

5.     Planning and preparation – getting the facts and setting the objectives

6.     Listening skills and body language

7.     Questioning techniques

8.     Extracting and granting concessions

9.     Generating and evaluating possible options

10.   Identifying your ideal outcome 

11.   Handling tough negotiation situations

Module 2:  Persuasion Skills

1.    A study of human nature and behaviour as a foundation for
       persuasion and influencing skills  

2.     Persuasion and Influence

3.     The Persuasion Foundation

4.     Mental Triggers (also known as Laws of Persuasion)

5.     Source of Power

6.     Key Facts for Persuasion

7.     Commitments

8.     Code of Influence

9.    Language Patterns


The workshop will be activity-based and interactive with experiential and accelerated learning. Activities, videos, case studies and role play will be used to bring across pertinent learning points. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.


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