Duration . 2 days (15hrs)



Effective Business Writing is an essential communication skill. It is important to understand and apply writing effectively in all correspondence, whether letters, emails or memos, to capture the attention of the reader and deliver your message clearly. 


This course is highly recommended for those who wish to articulate their ideas and points more clearly and concisely. These are valued skills in fast-paced business environments.  In this two-day workshop, participants will learn to organize their writing for maximum impact - clients will know the key points right away. Participants will also learn different ways to select the appropriate vocabulary to achieve the professional tone and to proofread for the final polishing touch. 



Participants should be able to:

  • Write different types of effective business communications: emails, reports, and convey good and bad news

  • Identify grammar and punctuation errors, including top culprits that have cost companies millions 

  • Write strong and effective sentences

  • Proofread business documents to ensure a professional finish


Clear writing in 5 steps

  • Appropriate words

  • Strategic information sequencing

  • Direct reference

  • Suitable sentence length

  • Make text visually appealing and easy to read


Concise writing in 4 steps

  • Avoid wordy phrases

  • Eliminate unnecessary modifiers

  • Use active voice

  • Use more verbs

 10 most common grammar and punctuation rules for effective business writing

  • Articles

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Tenses – use, form

  • Pronoun reference

  • Modifiers

  • Modals

  • Spellings

  • Sentence structures

  • Commas

  • Apostrophe

Reader-centred writing in 3 steps

  • Project empathy with readers

  • Identify reader’s expectations and needs

  • Use the positive approach


Proofread for professional finish


Interactive methods will be used in short lectures, case studies, practice and exercises, These exercises will be critiqued by participants and the trainer. Samples of companies’ documents will be used to analyse good business writing practices in relation to format, style, content, language and effectiveness.


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