Sales & Customer Engagement


Put Your Customer At The Heart Of What You Do — The Right Way

Learn the leading fundamentals and methodologies that a customer-oriented company takes to put the customer first - so that they keep coming back.



Why Take This Course?

Customers are the lifeblood of an organisation and the rationale for the existence of any department in the organisation. A customer-oriented organisation places the customer at the core in all areas of its business – vision, values, goals, strategies, touchpoints, processes, operations, support, etc. In today’s dynamic business environment where customer loyalty is declining, it is imperative that you find a way to your customers' hearts to retain them and to

win over new customers.

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Key Programme Outline

In this course, participants will learn the necessary skills and mindset they need to better understand customers, predict what they need, and deliver a service experience worthy of a second visit.


  • Know and understand customers better


  • Be able to deliver great service


  • Learn effective communication skills 


  • Use Emotional Intelligence to better deal with customers 


  • Assess their personal competency for customer orientation


  • Understand the importance of customer touchpoints


  • Appreciate the importance of customer feedback


  • Possess the ability to manage difficult customers and resolve conflicts


  • Use influence skills to win customers over


  • Know how to create customer WOWs


  • Contribute to the organisation becoming more customer-centric

1  Know and Understand Your Customers - Who Are Your Customers?