Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



Customers are the lifeblood of an organisation and the rationale for the existence of any department in the organisation. A customer-oriented organisation places the customer at the
core in all areas of its business – vision, values, goals, strategies, touchpoints, processes, operations, support, etc. In today’s dynamic business environment where customer loyalty is declining, it is imperative that you find a way to your customers' hearts to retain them and to
win over new customers.



In this two-day workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:

  • Know and understand customers better

  • Be able to deliver great service

  • Learn effective communication skills 

  • Use Emotional Intelligence to better deal with customers 

  • Assess their personal competency for customer orientation

  • Understand the importance of customer touchpoints

  • Appreciate the importance of customer feedback

  • Possess the ability to manage difficult customers and resolve conflicts

  • Use influence skills to win customers over

  • Know how to create customer WOWs

  • Contribute to the organisation becoming more customer-centric 


  1. Know and Understand Your Customers - Who Are Your Customers?

  • Customers Are Not Equal 

  • Understand the Value of a Customer

  • Importance of Focusing on the Customer

  • Understand Customers’ Needs and Wants

  • Understand Customers’ Expectations

  2.  Customer Service Excellence  

  • The four principles of great service  

  • The five dimensions of service excellence

  3.  Effective Communication Skills 

  •  Active Listening - Questioning Skills   

  •  Understanding Body Language

  •  Understanding Voice  

 4.   Develop Emotional Intelligence to Deal With Customers   

  •  Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Model   

  •  Self-awareness

  •  Self-regulation   

  •  Motivation

  •  Empathy   

  •  Social Skills


 5.    Are You Customer Orientated?   

  •  Do You Have the Right Mindset?  

  •  Your Personal Assessment


 6.   Customer Touchpoints

  •  What are Customer Touchpoints? 

  •  How May I Help You?

 7.   Customer Feedback 

  •  Moments of Truth   

  •  Voice of Customer  


 8.   Manage Difficult Customers

  •  Managing Customer Complaints  

  •  Dealing With Angry Customers

  •  How to Resolve Conflicts

  •  How to Say “No” Nicely

  •  The Art of Apologising 

  9.  Win Over Customers

  •  Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence   

  •  Principle #1: Reciprocation

  •  Principle #2: Commitment and Consistency

  •  Principle #3: Social Proof

  •  Principle #4: Liking

  •  Principle #5: Authority

  •  Principle #6: Scarcity

 10. To Create Customer WOW

 11. Becoming a Customer-Centric Organisation

  •  Commitment from the Top

  •  Customer Experience Councils

  •  Strong Focus on Customer Experience 

  •  Customer-related Performance Measures and Rewards

  •  Building Emotional Engagement with Customers



The workshop will involve formal inputs with activity-based skill-building exercises and

interactive group discussions. Participants will learn about their own working style and how

best to work with other types of working styles. Participants will be fully engaged for

optimal learning and maximum results.

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