Duration . 2 days (16hrs)



Competency Based Interview (CBI) is an interview technique used to identify and assess the transferable skillsets, abilities, experience and mindset of candidates required for a particular job. Working on the premise that the best predictor of future performance can be assessed through
an individual’s past behaviour, CBI is widely used for hiring, retention or reassignment.


Whether you are a new or experienced hiring manager, in this two-day workshop you will learn how to define what drives performance and the competencies required to achieve performance. You will be taught how to craft questions around competencies and set an interview framework around the questions, as well as address the common mistake of hiring based on experience.


The Nature of Competency-based Approach

  • Understand the concept of competencies

  • Competency based vs. traditional interviewing

Planning for Competency-based Interviews

  • Develop competency-based questions to
    seek evidence of presence or absence of competencies

Conducting Competency-based Interviews

  • Introduction and rapport building

  • Controlling the interview structure

  • Communicating necessary information

  • Formulating behaviour-based questions

  • Questioning for evidence of competency

  • Listening and understanding the use of body language

  • Taking notes that will enable fair and consistent evaluation

Evaluation and Selection Techniques 

  • Approach for evidence review in panel interview settings

  • Evaluate interview evidence objectively


A combination of mini lectures, cases studies, role play and skills practice, with an emphasis on practice and role play. Participants will be given opportunities to plan and execute a selection process, as well as interviews using prepared realistic scenarios.

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