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Better Identify The Talent That You’re Looking For

Only hire the people that truly fit the team’s description, by learning how to apply tested and proven Competency Based Interview principles and techniques to your hiring practices in this 2-day course with ODC.



Why Take This Course?

Competency Based Interview (CBI) is an interview technique used to identify and assess the transferable skill sets, abilities, experience and mindset of candidates required for a particular job. Based on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is through an individual’s past behaviors, CBI is widely trusted for hiring, retention or reassignment.


Whether you are a new or experienced hiring manager, you’ll get to learn this impressive framework in this two-day (16 hours) workshop for greater hiring success, and increase overall team performance.

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Key Programme Outline

In this course, participants will learn the necessary skills and mindset they need to define the  competencies required to perform well in the organisation. They will also be taught how to craft questions around competencies, set an interview framework around the questions, and address the common mistake of hiring based on experience.