Management Skills


Better Track, Understand, And Manage Time For Greater Efficiency

Learn critical time management skills, tools and techniques that will help you become a better planner, prioritiser and delegator at the workplace in this one day course with ODC Training.



Why Take This Course?

The ability to manage time effectively is a crucial managerial skill.  From the organisational perspective, time is money.  It is not just about time to introduce new products or services, but also whether time is respected as an invaluable and perishable asset and used wisely to create the best outcome in the most resource-effective way.  From both the organisational and personal perspective, technology is a major disruptor as well as an enabler.   There are tools to help to speed and improve organisational processes.  On the other hand, others soak up tremendous amounts of precious time when we need to contend with instantaneous information flows as well as new communication and social media channels.


The amount of time we have is a constant, while the demands on it have increased manifold. Therefore, we need to relook at the way we manage ourselves and our tasks with the time we have, and apply new capabilities and systems where needed.  More than ever, we need to focus our energies on those activities that enable us to achieve our goals and avoid wasteful and unproductive tasks that don’t.    We need to make informed choices so that we can maximise the use of our time and be more productive and effective at work and at home. 

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