Duration . 1 day (8 hrs)



Today, with the advancement of technology, people expect an instant-on in everything and are engaged in every moment. Any dull moment, the mind will drift or looked for something to engage them mentally. Gone are the days when people can seat and listen to talks for hours. Multi-tasking is the name of the game but wondered on its effectiveness. To deliver a face to face stand up presentation will soon be a lost art with technology and an admirable skill for the future. 


The main aim of this workshop is two folds. Firstly, is to impart the skills of face to face presentation skill to all audience type and secondly, to engage the audience at all time. These two aims are achieved through the integral design of the workshop to give participants the experience of designing their own presentation experience and heighten audience interests with tools and proven techniques. 


“Learning is a rumour until it is in your muscle.” Papua New Guinea proverb.


Effective Presentation Skills workshop is packed with many approaches, tip & tricks, mini practices to make learning becomes muscle memory. 


There is always something you can discover from this workshop regardless your experience in presentation. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but the moment that takes your breath away.” Let your presentation be one of those moments. 



In this intensive practical workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to:


  • Engaged self and audience before going live.

  • Deliver with the audience in mind.

  • Give the audience what they want

  • State manage throughout the phases of presentation

  • Be clear, concise and confident while presenting


Experienced Presenters, Executives or Managers involved in Sales, Management who are required to deliver presentations to stakeholders.


  • Architecture of presentation and delivery

  • Engage self and audience through content and outline

  • Delivery practices

  • Story Telling

  • Constructive Critique

  • Think on your feet and handle difficult situations during presentation

  • Handle Q&A with effectively

  • Develop the successful mental state

  • Tips and tricks 

  • Closing and Summary



A balanced mix of mini lectures, skills practice and peer learning are used to assist participants to sharpen their presentation effectiveness, with an emphasis on practice and role play. 

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