Think Creatively To Solve Problems Innovatively

Creativity can be taught. Equip your employees with proven methodologies and frameworks to start thinking creatively, and solve difficult problems by combining creative problem solving and process improvement skills to save costs, and enhance your competitive capabilities.



Workshop Objectives

The 2-day programme is designed to help leaders:


  • Appreciate the importance of creative thinking and innovation


  • Understand the tools needed for creative thinking and innovation


  • Identify and overcome barriers to creative thinking and innovation


  • Understand key factors of consideration when selecting a solution

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Key Programme Outline

ODC’s Creative Thinking For Innovative Problem Solving workshop unlocks the raw potential of creativity at your workplace. Specifically, by the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Understand the importance of creativity and innovation in the workplace


What is creativity and innovation, and why is it important for us to tap on its potential? Learn why, and how you can start.

Embrace and contribute to lowering the barriers to creativity in the workplace

Tear down existing barriers to creativity at the workplace, and unlock new creative potential for more innovative capital.

Overcome barriers to creativity

Remove typical barriers that stop even the most creative people in their tracks, and learn the different mental barriers that exist.

Understand and apply Divergence and Idea Generation tools and techniques, such as

  –  Creative Brainstorming     

  –  Forced Association 

  –  Serendipity

  –  Metaphorical Analysis

  –  Assumption Smashing

  –  I Wish…


For better ideation, testing, and solution mapping.

Facilitate Creative Idea Sessions

Learn how to hold creative brainstorming sessions to share key creative insights and ideas across your team for greater, better solutions.

Understand the Decision Matrix for Solution selection

How do you arrive at the right solution for the problem at hand? Learn the Decision Matrix for better decision making.

Understand the considerations for implementation such as Change Management & Risk Management

What are the different factors that you have to consider before implementing an idea? What are the different potential consequences? Learn the steps to take to make better, innovative choices.