Duration . 2 days (15hrs)



Creative thinking is a vital skill. Leaders and employees with the ability to “think outside
of the box” can help organisations save millions of dollars through creative problem solving
and process improvement. Although not all employees possess the “creative flair”, there are
proven methodologies that they can learn to aid themselves and facilitate others to start
thinking creatively.


In this two-day workshop, participants will acquire the necessary skills and mindset to: 

1.    Appreciate the importance of creative thinking and innovation

2.    Understand the tools needed for creative thinking and innovation

3.    Be able to identify and overcome barriers to creative thinking and innovation

4.    Understand consideration factors when selecting a solution 


  • Understand the importance of creativity and innovation in the workplace

  • Embrace and contribute to lowering the barriers to creativity in the workplace

  • Overcome barriers to creativity

  • Understand and apply Divergence and Idea Generation tools and techniques, such as
         –  Creative Brainstorming     
         –  Forced Association 
         –  Serendipity
         –  Metaphorical Analysis
         –  Assumption Smashing
         –  I Wish…


  • Facilitate Creative Idea Sessions

  • Understand the Decision Matrix for Solution selection

  • Understand the considerations for implementation such as Change Management
    & Risk Management


The workshop will involve formal inputs with activity-based skill-building exercises and interactive group discussions. Participants will learn about their own working style and how best to work
with other types of working styles. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.

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