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Everything Your Leaders Need To Coach It Forward

The best teams are led by coaches, not just leaders. Equip your leaders with the essential coaching micro-skills, gain valuable coaching insights, and learn how to leverage technology to coach your team forward in an increasingly digitised workplace.

Course Objectives

The 2-day programme is facilitated by certified Enterprise Coaches, an ICF Certified Coach, and a Master Trainer level facilitator, and helps leaders to:

Embrace a new leadership style - the coaching style - essential to leading in a VUCA business world 

Become an Enterprise Coach, a confident user of the MasterCoach App & a performance champion 

Gain the skills to coach their teams to greater insight, deepened learning & higher performance outcomes

Course Objectives

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Key Programme Outline

ODC’s Enterprise Coaching Programme gets you up to speed on the latest coaching methodologies, techniques and technologies, so you accelerate your learning journey to coach your team forward in your workplace.

You will learn:


Why coach? (Conventional vs Empowerment Leadership) 

Learn about the benefits of coaching from a ground up approach, understanding the major differences between the different types of coaching styles.


Master the core skills of active listening & powerful asking 

Master the 2 key skills in coaching, and hone the core capabilities of active listening and powerful asking to become a better coach.


Learn the MasterCoach 3D Coaching Approach to facilitate greater performance impact in less time 

The right methodologies can accelerate your learning journey. Learn about the MasterCoach 3D Coaching Approach, and find out how it can speed up results.


Become a confident user of the MasterCoach App and help others play to strengths, take positive action and win results 

Learn to leverage the MasterCoach App at every step of your coaching journey, keep track of your progress, and measure results where they matter.


Personality and Coaching Styles

Learn the different types and styles of coaching individuals and teams, and understand the different use cases and scenarios as to when you should apply a certain style for optimal results.


How to coach when you only have 10 minutes 

Short of time? Learn how to effectively coach even when you have just 10 minutes on your clock, and get the results that you are after.


Coaching teams

What are the different nuances when it comes to coaching teams and individuals? What are the different things to take note? Learn them, and more in this workshop.

"The MasterCoach Programme + App is the irreducible minimum to bring coaching into workplace cultures. "

Executive VP, Regent University (USA) ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)


"MasterCoach equips managers as confident workplace coaches and performance champions. "

Co-Founder & CEO, The MasterCoach App & Institute


Upcoming Enterprise Coaching Workshop

DATE: 23 & 24 APRIL 2020

TIME : 9am - 5pm (each day)


DATE : 2 & 3 JULY 2020

TIME : 9am - 5pm (each day)

Learn From The Comfort Of Your Device

(During Covid-19)

If you’re wondering if Covid-19 is going to prevent you or your team from attending our workshops - there’s good news.


ODC courses and workshops are fully online, and conducted through enterprise-grade software like Zoom and Udemy, which means you can learn from the comfort of your own home, yet have as close to the same experience as possible.

ODC’s Training Methodology

ODC’s workshops include presentations, role plays and various learning activities that help participants like yourself obtain optimal learning results.




Role Plays



Here’s What Students Have To Say


Knowing about the different stages of conflict enables me to better manage diversity and develop my team.

Yenom Pte Ltd

Chin Lih Shyong



ODC Trainers are experienced, creative, clear in their explanations, and facilitate discussions effectively.

Adventus Singapore

Oh Si Hui



Having the opportunity to role play in class helped me to gain a better understanding of the content.


Pek Kian Kok

ODC Introduction

ODC ( is a regional corporate training provider and also an ATO focusing on leadership development and management skills training (WSQ LPM). 

Headquartered in Singapore, ODC provides skills-based workshops focused on delivering meaningful learning experience, anchored by quality trainers and sound adult learning principles that are trusted by global MNCs across 14 cities.

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About Your Facilitator

ODC Consultant - Carina Rogerio.png

Carina Rogerio is a senior consultant with ODC. Carina is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach since 2015 and Professional Certified Coach (PCC level) since December 2018. She is also an accredited Mediator under the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) as well as the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and University Lecturer since 2015.

Carina currently coaches Managers and C-suite executives, provides mediation services and consulting related to business strategies to Start-ups. Carina is also a guest lecturer with Sorbonne Assas International Law School where she is a Visiting Lecturer on the topic of "International Lawyer in a Multicultural Environment" and "AI and Law".

Prior to becoming a people enabler, Carina was a partner at Luther LLP, an international law and accounting firm, where she reached partner level in less than 5 years with the international law firm where she entered as junior associate. She was previously Board Director of the Belgium Luxembourg Business Group (BLBG) as Luxembourg Representative from Sept 2012 to Sept 2018.


Carina made it part of her professional journey to pass forward, encompassing the thirst for lifelong learning and the thrill of challenging the existing for the pursuit of betterment in all that is. She is an advocate of nourishing a curious mind.

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